A downloadable game for Windows

*Created for Music Game Jam 2018*

In a future where metal music is considered contraband, one lone axe-weilding metalhead is out to shred the bureaucrats that banned metal. \m/


  • F1 = Exit/Enter Fullscreen Mode
  • Z = Jump
  • X = Fire/Shred
  • Arrows Left & Right: Move Left and Right
  • ESC = Exit Game

About this Game:
Enemies will kill you in one hit and return you to the title screen, but can be vanquished with the power of metal. As you will notice there are a number of things that need polish (enemy AI, player idle animations, directional shooting, scene transitions, etc). As time ticked away I fought to just get something playable as a means to not let the tunes Orsak made go to waste. They're fun jams and playing through the level will take you to a screen that lets you listen to the tunes you want at the pressing of a key. 

Install instructions

  1. Download to your desired Folder
  2. Double Click the EXE
  3. Play the game


Contraband-GameJamVer- 3 MB


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I like the choice of enemies. Haha. Wish you had a longer/more levels. Good Game!