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This is an entry in the Feburary 2018 Movie Game Jam

Babs & Tammy (Tams) travel through time in their magical phone booth visiting personages of historical significance adventuring for knowledge, understanding and excellence. 

Unfortunately on their last trip all the historic figures fell out of their booth so Babs & Tams must traverse the circuits of time collecting all their once passengers before they are lost in time forever.


ARROW KEYS - Move Up, Down, Left & Right
SPACE BAR - Advance Screens
1 - Exit/Restore Full Screen Mode
ESC - Close the Game

Due to time restraints I was unable to create my original vision of the game, but I wanted to get at least something entered, so understand this is a work in progress. There is a beginning, middle and end, but the scoring system, all the planned historical figures and overall level progression and ballance have yet to be implimented. But do please check out and enjoy the snippit to get an idea of what is to come!  

Inspired by the most bodacious time traveling duo Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan. Be Excellent to Each Other and PARTY ON DUDE!

Install instructions

Historical Booth Babes is a single run executable. Just download the file then double-click to run. Have Fun!


HistoricalBoothBabes_Ver-0.1.exe 4 MB

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